EESL Students in Secondary 3 Cook with Chef Heinrich Meesen

EESL students in secondary 3 got the chance to have some cooking lessons in English with chef Heinrich Meesen. For the first cookery lesson, they got to make vegetable soup; for the second session they had with Heinrich they made a very tasty-looking quiche.

The students enjoyed being able to practise their culinary skills in the kitchen in their teams of three or four. They also learned a lot of new kitchen and cooking-related vocabulary such as ‘sieve’, ‘spatula’ and ‘vegetable stock’. Students had to listen to instructions from the chef being given in English on how to cut vegetables safely and correctly and in which order to cook all the ingredients in for their recipes. They also had to utter a few ‘’Yes Chef’’…

After they had made their soup and quiche, students could either eat what they had made straight away or take it home to have later. If they didn’t want to eat the food they had made themselves, they could share it with their friends or take it home for their family to try!
The next session secondary 3 students will have with the chef will be at the end April. This time they’ll be making chocolate lava cake – which I’m sure they won’t want to be sharing with their friends or family!

By Katherine Watts (British Assistant)